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Green Logistics

As '' ADR logistic ''; we are proud to offer eco-friendly investments and logistic services. Keeping our carbon footprint at a minimum, we create minimum responsibility for our nature and living spaces. In this context, we support environmentally friendly solutions of all sector representatives and participate in a solution partnership.

We support  environmentally friendly solutions for our  plant and industry


An important part of the electricity costs of the storage facilities is due to lighting. Although LED lighting seems costly in installation, it reduces your lighting bills by 80%, saving our  environmentas a positive contribution.

Recycling program

We can contribute to our nature by preventing paper waste and encouraging recycling. We can provide environmentally friendly contributions by informing employees and integrating in-house systems into the computer environment.

Heating Cooling Systems

We can reduce our electricity consumption by 25% to 50% by using high volume and low speed cooling systems for the summer months. In the same way, with heating systems with sensors for the winter months, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint for both our plant and our country.

Machine use

All of our transport and installation tools are electrically operated. We use and support electrical mechanisms.


The roof and walls of our facility are renewed with heat insulation systems and ADR tanks ADR warehouses work in separate blocks, contributing significantly to the average of heat.

Repetitive Use

We aim to keep our waste rate at minimum level by providing services such as pallet rental and tank rental.


We support and encourage the use of plastic plat because plastic pallets can be recycled and reused.